Introducing the BecDot

A fun interactive teaching toy for the blind and visually impaired to aid in developing literacy skills through play

The Problem

  • Unemployment rates are estimated around 70% for the blind and visually impaired
  • Many visually impaired children are not being introduced to braille at a young age which plays a factor in an approximately 45% high school graduation rate

The Reason

  • Braille readers are expensive to manufacture and therefore difficult for teaching professionals and parents of visually impaired children to afford
  • Visually impaired children are not being taught braille early enough in their education

The Solution

  • The BecDot, An interactive braille children’s toy that is fun to use while teaching fundamental literacy concepts
  • A design that is low cost and accessible to all children with visual impairments



The Motivation

On September 9th, 2016 our youngest daughter was diagnosed with Usher Syndrome, the leading cause of deaf/blindness.  This diagnosis sent us on an unexpected journey with much to learn, and we are determined to overcome any obstacles that come our way.  A fire started in our bellies and we have become passionate about raising awareness and funds to find a cure, we are striving to make a difference, and we are driven to make products that will make life even just a little bit easier for anyone with a similar type of challenge.

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